A mature Scots Pine

A favourite tree

It continued to snow a little today. But it was much warmer and when it wasn’t snowing it was a lovely day for a walk. We took the dogs for a walk up to our favourite Scots Pine, a beautiful mature tree on the hill in front of the house.

Fifteen years ago it would have stood alone but as you can see in the photograph much work has been done since since to start recreating an ‘ancient’ Caledonian forest. The trees are now big enough to get a real feel for what it will look like. We may not live long enough to see all these new trees fully mature but it is already a glorious site and will get better every year.

It is a great view point too. And we had to beat a hasty retreat as we saw the next snow storm blow in from the west and start to envelope Carn Gorm on our western march. We were lucky to have chosen the best of the day for our walk.

Snow approaching over Carn Gorm

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