After the storm

There is always something special about the cool, crisp air you get after a big storm. For the last two nights we have been battered by high winds and heavy rain. The road to the village was closed by fallen trees, rain had forced its’ way through the seals in our new windows and was running down the inside and smoke was pushed back down the chimney causing the fire to smoke and eyes to run. So it was a relief this morning to wake up and see blue in the sky and the sun coming over the horizon.

We grabbed the dogs and went for a walk as quickly as we could. You always feel a bit of cabin fever after being inside with bad weather and it was lovely to get out and get some fresh air in our lungs. The river was high after all the rain and every burn was pretending to be a river too. The tops of the hills are white with snow and the moor was dotted with frozen and slushy puddles. The wind was still quite sharp, blowing through the occasional squall of sleet but it was a good day to be out. The dogs certainly thought so, and after having been a bit housebound ran backwards and forwards obviously enjoying the fresh air and its new scents at least as much as we were.

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