Putting down roots

Why is that planting trees is a particularly satisfying activity? Perhaps it is because of our (or mine, at least) deep need to scratch some small mark on the surface of the earth which will outlive us. And most of the trees which we plant will outlive us now, if they do well.

This afternoon we started by planting some specimen birch varieties across the burn from the house, in full view of the kitchen window. This includes a trio of Betula Ermanii from the wonderful Bluebell Nursery which my mother gave us for Christmas. They will make a nice centrepiece for the spring garden which we plan there. Indeed, we haven’t had to do much planning because as pulled back the rough grass we found hundreds of hidden snowdrops just coming out. It realy was like creating an instant garden.

Next we planted six tiny Douglas Firs which have been heeled in waiting for planting for far too long. They are on a bank facing the house about five hundred yards up the strath. In a hundred years time they should be a dominant feature in the near landscape. I don’t know how fast they will grow but I’m certainly looking forward to see them emerge out of the top of their tree guards in a few years time.

The finally we had a few remaining birch and beech saplings from a large planting further up the strath. We took those down to the small wood we are creating right at the entrance to the estate. There is a nice mixture their of natural regeneration, trees we planted about five years ago and which are doing well, and now these new trees. In five years time there will be the beginnings of a very nice feature just as you cross the boundary on to the estate.

All very satisfying.

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