Spring at Croick

Spring has finally arrived at Croick and we have been bathed in sunshine so far this Easter weekend. At last is warm enough to sit outside, though it helps to keep out of the wind.

Of course spring is the season you associate with new arrivals and we have certainly had a few at Croick. Lambing has now started, and the first lambs have been lucky to arrive in the sunshine.

Our new season chickens have also arrived and are making themselves at home. These chickens seem particularly friendly and follow anyone they see. They have quickly found their way to the road, which I hope will not lead to an accident. We have already lost one of our original eight to an overly inquisitive dog.

And finally our summer grazing cattle have also arrived – fifteen in total – have also arrived. They are currently on some low ground getting familiar with their new home and will be moved on to higher ground in a few weeks. All the cattle are Limousin/Aberdeen Angus or Simmental/AA crosses. We have good success with these in the past with them liking the ground and putting on good weight over the summer before they go to market in the Autumn.

We should also note that the summer birds are also arriving. Over the last few days we have seen curlews, lapwings and oyster catches, with curlews and lapwings in greater numbers than we have ever seen before. We heard our first cuckoo a few days ago, the first house martins have arrived and I expect the first swallows will arrive any day now.

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1 Response to Spring at Croick

  1. irene says:

    The chickens particularly like appearing when our minibus does as I’m sure they assume it means tiny scraps of food falling out of rucksacks as the groups get in!

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