Stewarts Melville takes cover

The morning after ....

Stewarts Melville, now combined with Mary Erskine, have been coming to Croick each year for at least twenty years, as part of an annual expedition for students in Year 3. They camp by the Old Manse, whilst the teachers take refuge inside! About 200 students take part every year which I think is fantastic.

Students walk into Croick in parties of about 30 and last night for the first time in memory conditions were so awful that they had to take refuge in our barn. We had torrential rain combined with gale force winds and, to top it all, a power cut. It really was a miserable night particularly as the party had walked in over the hills to get here and were already soaking on arrival. It is not a big barn so I can only imagine that it must have been cosy with thirty odd people and a roaring fire. I’m glad we were able to help.

The battered camp site

The following morning it was still very windy and there were some heavy showers of rain and hail. In between the campsite looks almost idyllic. But last night several of the tents were flattened and others got very wet.

Getting ready for the next leg

Today the group set off on the next leg, and another group arrive tonight. I hope the weather improves for them!

PS: apologies for the spelling and grammatical atrocities. I hope they have now been corrected.

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3 Responses to Stewarts Melville takes cover

  1. Martin Kemp says:

    Many, many thanks for allowing the boys and girls of Torridon House to sleep in the barn. They were very excited to be taking part in such a large “sleep-over” and I was delighted to have so many happy pupils in the morning. I, for one, had a great nights sleep on the kitchen floor in the barn!

    • croick says:

      It was nice to be able to help out. I think the school should be very proud of the whole programme and I am sure it makes a memorable adventure for everyone who participates. We looking forward to seeing you all again next year. In the mean time, if any parents want the de luxe version of the expedition by taking the Old Manse for a few days, please do get in touch.

  2. Jo Pollitt says:

    Many thanks indeed for the use of the ‘barn’. Having just led Appin House over the hills – with a few casualties along the way – it was a godsend to have somewhere dry and warm for them to sleep. This extra adventure just added to their whole experience and was voted as the highlight of their Carbisdale Project. Many thanks again for your highland hospitality.

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