Fishing on the Spey

I have just come back from a week’s fishing on the Carron Beat of the Spey. As you can see from the picture above it is a pretty section of the Spey, west of Aberlour. It takes it’s name from the bridge which crosses the spey in the middle of the beat and which used to carry the ‘Distillery Railway’ along much of the banks of the Spey. We stayed in the nearby Archiestown Hotel which is very comfortable, with good food and just a few minutes from the river.

We arrived on Monday to be told that the river was in perfect order and just the right height to be catching fish. So it was disappointing that we had an almost blank day. The weather then got hotter and hotter through the week, and the river correspondingly lower, culminating with a 27c scorcher on Friday. We ended up with six fish in total, all returned, which seems poor reward for a lot of hours in the water.

I wish I could post a photo of me with a fish but unfortunately I had a blank week. So I had to content myself with taking a few photographs of the river, of which a couple more examples below.

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