Experiments with a Bronica, in colour

View of Croick Estate, looking west

These are some more photographs, equally experimental, taken with Fuji Velvia 100ASA. There is none of the graininess associated with the previous much cheaper B&W film but there is a depth and richness to the colour palette which is quite pleasing.

I could never abandon digital photography because it is very flexible  and does provide instant results. But I can see that I shall want to carry the Bronica, at great inconvenience, up to the top of hills more often than is comfortable. It certainly brings a fresh appreciation of the efforts as well as the talents of photographers like Prior, Baxter and Cornish.

A few more photographs below.

View south across the River Carron

River Spey, Castle Grant Beat 2

View to Glen Alladale

View to Glen Alladale

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