Strong Black Grouse numbers

We work closely with the RSPB at Croick to monitor and support our Black Grouse. The mixture of habitats and the number of young trees we have seem to suit them well and we have a healthy population.

The RSPB, led by the excellent Kenny Graham, have visited us twice this year. In April they visited to count Leks on Croick and the neighbouring estates and it was good to see not just a healthy population but they are clearly spreading to our neighbours too. And the RSPB visited again, this week to count broods. It was a smaller count so not directly comparable to the map above but they found five hens and seven pults. Two of the hens were barren and the rest and 2, 3 and 2 chicks.

Given the appalling weather this spring, I think these are god results and we should continue to maintain a healthy population in the years ahead. I think we are little way from driven black grouse shooting though!



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1 Response to Strong Black Grouse numbers

  1. Julian Smith says:

    Glad that they are spreading to Amat & Alladale. What is the fox population like, now that Marcus has gone from Alladale?

    Interested to see that no Black Grouse were recorded on the grassy slopes opposite Willie’s house. It used to be by far the biggest lek ten years ago with about 12 cocks displaying.


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