Three pointers, two 410’s and one brace of grouse

It was a wonderful day for walking in search of a grouse, warm and dry and with a good strong wind. So Frank and I took our three pointers and our 410s up the hill in front of the house. What luxury to be able to walk straight out of the house and on to the hill with the dogs!

We saw some good coveys of grouse, and some wily old cock birds who led our dogs a merry dance. All three dogs got a good point and we should have shot three brace but had to be content with one! But can there be a nicer way of spending a day on the hill?

Note: After posting this, we went up to the Falls to try our hand at a salmon. An hour later we had a nice 5lb salmon caught and safely returned. It had been in the river a couple of weeks and was caught in the fast water of the Upper Falls pool. What’s not to like!

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2 Responses to Three pointers, two 410’s and one brace of grouse

  1. Parker James says:

    You are fortunate indeed!
    The wife and I look forward to visiting the land of our fathers one day.
    I believe we’ll keep the fire stoked with watching your blog.

  2. I can see why you are so happy. Really enjoying your blog, especially the deer and salmon pieces.

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