Winter Damage

Fallen tree by the Old Manse

We returned to Croick this week, having been away for a couple of months. Our return seems to have choppily coincided with a change in the weather. We now have the bright frosty days with blue skies and cold air that is so special about the winter, but which has been missing this year. It is a joy to be out. The dogs think so too and have been running about in a state of great excitement.

Of course when you return after a period away you always have to start by checking for damage. The main damage this year was caused by the winds, form and lightening in early December. This took out the telephone line in the house and the Manse, fried the broadband routers and our small domestic exchange. Fortunately these had been repaired before we returned (Our thanks to Nutel in Inverness). But the Sky system has also been disrupted and it is going to take rather longer to get that fixed. Sky are quoting 13 days to get an engineer on site which seems rather absurd.

Outside the wind damage is rather less than expected. But one old tree by the Manse has been brought down and there will no doubt be more in the plantations when we have the chance for a proper look.

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