Three antlered stag

We were out hind stalking today when we saw this most unusual stag. As you can see it has two antlers on one side (the right hand side as he is looking at you). I don’t know how this happened; he was seen once before this season, but not before that. So it may be he had some sort of accident as this year’s antlers were developing, in which case he may revert to a normal set next year. Or they may be some genetic abnormality, in which case perhaps we shall see hime again next summer. It wil be interesting to see.

I apologise, by the way, for the small, poor quality image. I only had my compact camera with me and we could not get that close. And the clearest picture of the antlers is somewhat spoilt be the fence post behind him. It is not a photograph I would normally publish but I thought the subject was sufficiently interesting to justify the photograph.

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