Adding some ginger

The four Tamworth ‘wieners’ in their Staffordshire enclosure

We added to our stock yesterday with the addition of four ginger Tamworth pigs. Appropriately for Tamworths, the young pigs (wieners, as they are known) came from a small farm in Staffordshire and were then ferried north. There was an amusing moment in Stirling Services last night when they were transferred from one Land Rover to another. Fortunately, there were no subsequent stories of piglets scattering along the M80.

Two mothers seemingly unconcerned that the last of their piglets are leaving


Four wieners do fit in a Land Rover

Let’s hope they settle quickly into their new home, and from sharing a small enclosure with their mothers to having the un of a 200 acre enclosure! We are expecting they will do great things to the enclosure, rotting up bracken and the like. But this is in the nature of an experiment and we shall see how they do before considering whether we want to extend their involvement to help clear serious areas of bracken.

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