Our youngest salmon fisher


Our young friends Jamie and Archie arrived this afternoon and immediately demanded to be taken to the river. The river was at a good height and I took them down by the house  and then took some other rods further down the river.

As I was walking back to see how they were getting on, I heard this tremendous commotion. Convinced that they had fallen in or hooked each other I ran back towards the boys in some alarm. I then heard someone shout “I’ve landed it” and relaxed assuming they had caught a small trout or parr. Imagine my surpass/delight/shock when I arrived at the scene and found Jamie (aged 8) had caught his first salmon, a 5lb grilse, and his brother Archie (aged 12) had successfully landed it in his trout net. Needless to say, this was one fish they simply had to keep.

Anyone know of a younger successful salmon fisherman?

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2 Responses to Our youngest salmon fisher

  1. Ted Howard-Jones says:

    Jamie. What a star you are! I learned to fish when i was a bit older than you and spent many hours trying to catch a Trout, but never manged to catch one on my own. You are a lucky guy. I hope it was tasty! Best Ted H-J

  2. Croick says:

    Thanks for your note. Will forward on to Jamie.

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