River curtain

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Hall   2013-05-03 3 - Version 2


We were constructing a new water gate yesterday, using plastic piping. The end result looks almost like an ‘installation’.

Hall   2013-05-03 4 - Version 2

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7 Responses to River curtain

  1. Tony says:

    What’s it for?

  2. Peter Powell says:

    Hi, i like the looks of this water gate. how effective do you think it would be against sheep as apposed to deer? it would be perfect for a project i have in mind.

    • James Hall says:

      Thanks for your note. The gate works well now, but did require some modification before it was effective. We found that the deer pushed hard against the gate and actually forced the pipes apart to get through. We had to put more horizontal ties in to stop that. We were surprised that they physically challenged the gate as much as it did, but they had previously been hefted to the area behind the gate and were very keen to return. But the good thing is that even after the mods it is much lighter than most water gates and therefore puts less stress on the strainers at either side. I cannot see any reason why it would not be effective with sheep.

      • Peter Powell says:

        What is it that your using to hang the pipe off, just a high tensile wire? and is it small bits of more pipe between on the horizontal or something else?

  3. James Hall says:

    The pipe hangs off high tensile wire, sheathed in another plastic pipe to stop the wire rubbing the ‘down’ pipes. The spacers are just lengths of pipe sheathing another high tensile wire.

  4. James Hall says:

    Looking again at the photograph, the key mod we made was putting another wire mid-way down the gate with spacers between each ‘down’ pipe. That stopped the deer forcing the pipes apart and squeezing through. Don’t know whether that would be necessary with sheep.

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