If you have got heifers and want calves, the missing ingredient is a bull. So, welcome to Walter our new bull who arrived in Croick a few weeks ago. He has been in the shed up till now getting used to his new location and his new team but he was put out with the heifers in the strath earlier this week.

Every bull has to have a name and this one is called Walter, in honour of the man from whom he was bought. I wouldn’t however assume that he will answer to his name. But there again, if you do to choose to call him, be careful what you wish for!

Assuming he is up to the task, the first Croick calves should be born in April/May 2014.

Exciting times.

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1 Response to Walter

  1. WCC Rob says:

    James, I see your photograph was taken from the Land Rover !


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