Croick Estate

It was a great pleasure to host Patrick Laurie and his partner at Croick last weekend. They wanted to spend the night in our bothy at Creag Mohr to get a sense of the Highlands in winter. And they managed to choose the coldest night of the winter (by some margin) for their adventure.

He has kindly written about it on his own blog which I have reblogged below. We look forward to the full story in due course ….

PS: The young stags shown in the picture below have been rather a nuisance recently. They have been inside one of our fenced areas and have been particularly reluctant to leave. I’m pleased to say that we finally got them to go out today …. at the third time of asking. 

Bog Myrtle & Peat

Stags at Croick Stags at Croick

Just worth mentioning that I had a fantastic visit to Croick Estate in Sutherland over the weekend. This post is brief because there will be an awful lot more to come on the subject of Croick in due course, but the trip was excellent and the experience of seeing a North Highland deer forest in the dead days of February takes some beating. From chirruping sika stags under the moon to the sight of a golden eagle coming gliding gently through the murky half light of a frozen dawn, my single night’s stay in the isolated Creag Mhor bothy was certainly eventful.

Perhaps the crowning joy of the trip was when the dog flushed a greyhen almost from my feet where it was lying close in a thicket of birch and scots pine. As the dark, familiar shape rose into the wind and turned round behind me…

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