The Big Storm, continued


If my last post gave the impression that the Big Storm was over, it was wrong. After the storm on Thursday night, Friday night was almost as bad with high winds and heavy rainfall. We woke to find much of the low ground flooded and more trees down. As we made we made our way down the strath the number of mature trees we saw down was very sad. This truly was an exceptional storm.

By the end of Saturday, the flooding had largely disappeared, to be replaced by snow. We went to bed on Saturday night wondering what we find in the morning. But actually the wind was marginally more gentle and had brought rain rather than more snow so the local roads were readily passable.

I was a bit optimistic too about the electricity supply. Less than an hour after my previous post on Friday afternoon we had lost supply again and it was not finally restored until about 1.00am on Sunday morning. But that’s not a complaint. The staff working to fix the problems have been dealing with atrocious conditions, and there is clearly no shortage of them. When we ventured out today, almost every third vehicle was an electricity vehicle with staff brought in from all over the country.

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1 Response to The Big Storm, continued

  1. Jon Whitton says:

    James, please post the snow photos if you get hit with a decent snowfall. Jon W

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