Snow on the ground

20160416-untitled shoot-21

It was a surprise to wake this morning to find snow on the ground. There wasn’t much and it won’t last long but it is still not quite what we were expecting. Needless to say one of the  heifers thought it was the appropriate time to deliver her first calf. Fortunately she did it herself but then need some remedial parenting skills in drying it and getting it to take milk. Hopefully all will be well now.

20160416-untitled shoot-20

The change in weather made the pig feed attractive to more than the pigs this morning. There were a number of deer loitering with intent around the feeding place this morning and as you can see they were not put off by my arrival. I stayed long enough to ensure the pigs got a good start but I can image the deer stated to muscle in as soon as my back was turned.

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4 Responses to Snow on the ground

  1. Peter Locke says:

    It’s so nice to be getting news from Croick and the pictures again

  2. Peter says:

    Not sure if my previous emails have been received,just to say that I look forward to reading your news , I know your estate very well, enjoying visiting two or three times a year over a nine years back in the 1990s. Looking forward to your next email and photo’s Regards. Peter Locke

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    • James Hall says:

      Peter, apologies for not responding but I did receive your earlier messages. Thank you for your good wishes and I’m delighted you enjoy the news from Croick.

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