The lamb


Born yesterday, this lamb was taking advantage this morning of sun spilling into the lambing shed. Despite the sun the air temperature is still cold so he will be in the shed for at least another 24 hours.

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3 Responses to The lamb

  1. A WATT says:

    Am enjoying hearing about thr calves and the lambs – and the weather. Am passing your e mails on to a retired shepherd here in Angus who hailed from the Borders. Thanks, ALAN

  2. A WATT says:

    Are you the same Jimmy Hall? Would that not be a coincidence!! Best wishes, ALAN PS: Snowing badly today in Angus and more forecast in the morning – but our local lambs are thriving.

  3. Bob Jaffray says:

    Remember – if his belly’s full and he is reasonably dry then he will stand a lot of this kind of stuff – – a wet easterly wind is worse than this and can do real harm.

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