28 April, 6.30am, -5c


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2 Responses to 28 April, 6.30am, -5c

  1. A WATT says:

    Hello, James! Is it that you know Robert Jaffray from Borders shepherding days – if, so what a coincidence?!! I recall having a conversation with Alex (‘Curlew’) Mackenzie who lived at Amat and shepherded in Glenprosen, Angus – my native county. I do enjoy reading your daily reports from Croick. How much Anne and I loved Croick when we stayed in Ardgay. The late James Blair was and authority on Croick Church and loved the wee kirk intensely. We still visit his widow now in London – she is 102 in August!! Is Peter Fowler still at Glencalvie – and the Shaws at Amat? I know the Moffats moved down the Strath now some years ago – we pop in to see them, too, when we are North. Maybe we shall meet up with you someday. Best wishes & kind regards, (Rev) ALAN G N WATT

    • James Hall says:

      Actually I don’t know Robert Jaffray, though I know he sees these pictures and sends helpful advice. There were no Borders shepherding days for me, though my father lives near Kelso. I am late to sheep and shepherding.

      All much the same locally except that Peter Fowler is no longer at Glencalvie.

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