Fallow Deer at Gunton Park


We were in Norfolk at the weekend, and found ourselves staying by Gunton Park. This is a large deer park with resident herds of both Red and Fallow deer. We have a small herd of Fallow at Croick which originally came from Gunton and so it was interesting to see where they had come from. Predictably, the Fallow bucks at Gunton where far more substantial than has been achieved at Croick. But we are really at their northern limits and so they do quite well to survive at all.

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1 Response to Fallow Deer at Gunton Park

  1. Alan Watt says:

    Have been watching ‘Autumn Watch’ – it was about deer last night. Isn’t this Autumn weather glorious?! Saw your recent pic of Croick in the Autumn – lovely! How are James and Kitty Moffat these days – saw them both recently – on James’ birthday, no less!

    Kind regards,


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