Battle-hardened stag

Still Life0040

Increasing numbers of sika hinds have been coming in every morning to steal a share of the bruised oats we put out for the pigs. And in the last couple of days a few sika stags have started to join them. There were three this morning, of which the one photographed above, was the largest. He quickly pushed off both the other stags and the hinds to get to the trough. The pigs held their ground but were careful to leave room for him, and his antlers.

You can see that one of his antlers has broken off. It could be a simple accident but given the time of year I’m guessing it happened in a fight. He certainly looks battle-hardened.

Still Life0051

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1 Response to Battle-hardened stag

  1. Alan Watt says:

    Thanks for the latest news from Croick. I came across a picture of the church in a back number of the Scots Magazine (Jan 2017) which referred to an article in the November 2016 edition. Have been trying to trace this from DC Thomson publications in Dundee – I await their reply.  

    Croick has a special place in my heart from ‘ministering days’ (1996-2003) and next to Iona is a place apart. I look forward to hearing from DCT and will let you know. It is my hope that a new minister will be ‘called’ to the parish (now vacant) soon.

    I look forward to our continuing contact.


    (Rev) ALAN G N WATT

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