Highland Wireless

It is only a few years ago that internet connection at Croick was dependent on whatever BT would deign to provide us, which as it happened was a 0.5 megabit connection, barely enough to see your emails and certainly rendering most parts of the modern internet out of reach.

Frustrated by that we moved ourselves to a satellite broadband provider (Avonline, now Bigblu) which was a substantial improvement, allowed normal life to proceed but which had it’s quirks particularly the long latency in responding to each request.

This afternoon we feel that we have moved properly to the C21 with a business connection provided by Highland Wireless which is delivering a truly impressive 80 megabit connection shared between the farm and our rental cottages. Given that 80 megabit was what was promised and is what is actually delivered, this is truly impressive.

Highland Wireless is a case study go how Highland enterprise can develop. Founded by a young, local entrepreneur, Cameron Warren, and supported by the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust, he is bringing world class internet connectivity to rural communities in the Kyle of Sutherland area, and starting to expand across the northern Highlands. He is working hard, delivering service which every community needs to attract business and remain connected and he deserves every success. Thank you Cameron.

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2 Responses to Highland Wireless

  1. Irene Bews says:

    And Cameron Warren did his Bronze DofE with Dornoch Academy and stayed in your bothy with us many years ago!

  2. Alan Watt says:

    Good to know you have an improved Internet service. Am I right to think that Croick Church may soon come under the Scottish Churches Trust?

    Trust you are well and that the Strath is looking green again!

    Kind regards,

    AKLAN Sent from Mailbird [http://www.getmailbird.com/?utm_source=Mailbird&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sent-from-mailbird]

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