Lambing 2019


Apologies for the scarcity of posts from Croick this year. It is not because of a lack of activity. Rather the reverse, we have been to busy to get near this blog.

The main event of the year has been the construction of a new lambing shed which, for the first time, allows us to get all our ewes inside and under cover for lambing. It is larger, lighter and with much better air circulation that our previous shed and feels much more suitable to the task.

Coincidence or not, ;lambing has gone so far even though at some 270 ewes and gimmers  we are lambing greater numbers than ever. The picture above shows some of our gimmers getting ready to deliver their first lambs. From the way they react we can be confident that they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for. But after a few days they have all turned into good mothers.

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  1. Peter Locke says:

    Always good to hear what’s going on at Croick,

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