The Mission Hut


It’s been our ambition for some time to convert the Mission Hut at the entrance to the estate into more holiday accommodation. Work is now in full swing and replacement cladding is now being fitted.

Inside the accommodation will provide a large bed/sitting room with fitted kitchen and a large shower and washroom. It should work well for a couple wanting to spend a few quiet days in the strath. A particular feature of the Hut is that red squirrels are regularly seen feeing within a few yards of the hut.

We are hoping it should be ready for occupation in the late Autumn and will let you know when it is.

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5 Responses to The Mission Hut

  1. Alan Watt says:

    Thanks for this news concerning the Mission Hut where I conducted Winter Services (1996-2003) when the congregation did not meet in Croick over the Winter. My wife, Anne and I, would love to stay there next year – please keep me advised. May view the progress of renovation when up in the area later this year. I once had the idea to have a  wee craft shop/tearoom for people to visit when attending and visiting Croick Church, but the idea never came to fruition before I left. Were I in the parish now, I would be encouraging people to visit the church when following NC Route 55, or, indeed, have people visit the Strath when any cruise liner was tying up in Invergordon.  A minibus for that purpose would be a good investment. But now no longer in the Church’s possession, am glad to see the hut being put to good use – as with the Old Manse, now also a self catering provision. May all your plans go well.

    Best wishes,

    (Rev) ALAN G N WATT (formerly of Kincardine, Croick & Edderton – now linked with Creich and Rosehall)

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    • James Hall says:


      Thank you for your note, and your continued interest in all things Croick. The number of visitors to Croick is growing steadily and I’m sure the North Coast 500 is a key part of that. We are working hard to ensure that the external appearance of the Mission Hut will be consistent with the past, whilst the internal arrangements will be suitable for a stay. We hope that it will be ready by the end of the Autumn and we would love to see you there next year. We will certainly keep you posted.

  2. Ian Horne says:

    Found the previous message from the Rev Watt regarding the Mission Hut very informative I have attended many services there in the past as a child, teenager and adult. Please can I just give you a quick insight as to my interest in the Mission Hut and the hamlets of Amat and Croick. My great grandfather was the first child baptised in Croick church by the Rev Gustavas Aird after he was ordained, he was christened Gustavas Aird Ross and spent his whole life in Amat and is buried in the Churchyard along with his wife Anne and two of his children David and Catherine my great aunt and uncle. My grandmother Annie Ross married Hugh Horne from Rosehall they had two children one was my father Alistair Gustavas Horne, I am his first born Ian Ross Horne.
    I have a great affinity to Amat and love it deeply and also the surrounding area’s and although born and brought up in Fife have visited the old croft in Amat all my life although unfortunately now this is no longer possible as it is now on permanent let, my wife and I payed a visit 23rd October and saw the Mission Hut conversation absolutely loved it inside, had a peek through the windows, well done all concerned great job and it has still kept its original look outside. Like the Rev Watt could you please keep me up with the progress with the possibility of staying sometime next year. Been a long time since I was in the Mission Hut.

    • James Hall says:

      Ian, thank you very much for your very nice and informative message. And we are delighted you like the work we have done. The Mission Hall, as we are calling it, will shortly be available for let through Unique Cottages. I will let you know details shortly. All the very best. James Hall

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