Croick Estate is in the middle of the northern Highlands of Scotland. Covering some 12,000 acres, it is a wonderful mix of fertile strath, and surrounding hills, trees and heather, river and loch. It is home to a wide range of wildlife including four species of deer, eagles and black grouse.

Croick is the ideal destination for active family’s and small groups wanting to have adventures together. These might include:

  • walking miles, and enjoying great views;
  • fishing for trout in remote lochs or for salmon in a small but prolific river;
  • spotting black and red grouse, eagles, kestrels, oyster catchers, curlews and many other birds;
  • camping in the remote Creag Mohr bothy;
  • watching deer in the wild;
  • enjoying the challenge of stalking sika or red deer as we manage our deer numbers;
  • taking day trips to anywhere from Ullapool to Dornoch, Brora or Dingwall;
  • or simply relaxing in front of the fire in the comfort of the Old Manse.

If you are interested in a holiday at Croick we have two holiday cottages available. Croick Manse will sleep up to eight people whilst our new holiday property, The Mission Hall, is designed for a couple or single occupancy. To find more details, please follow these links:



For regular updates, follow us on Instagram at TheFarmAtCroick and Croick_Holiday Lets.

Previously managed as part of a large-scale sheep farm it is gradually being restored to provide the diverse habitat in which the natural wildlife of the northern Highlands can flourish alongside sustainable agriculture.

Our family is privileged to own the Estate, which we bought in 2003 and which we call home. We believe that ownership means stewardship. As stewards, it is our responsibility to leave the land and the habitat in good condition for the next generation. And we are happy to share the Estate with all who wish to enjoy it responsibly, whether for a day’s walk or a fortnight’s holiday.

This website cannot be a substitute for visiting Croick in person, and we hope that you will visit us soon. If you are considering a visit you can find here:

  • A regular blog, which update you on what is happening on and around the estate.
  • Details of the Old Manse, a holiday cottage which is available for let for up to eight people, together with details of fishing and stalking which can be made available as part of a holiday let, or separately.
  • Information about Creag Mohr bothy on the estate which can provide overnight shelter for those walking from Ullapool to Croick and onwards, a great destination for a walk from Croick or an overnight adventure for parties holidaying at Croick.
  • More about the history of Croick and Croick Church
  • Information about how to find us and contact us.

Enjoy the website and we look forward to welcoming you to Croick.

James and Carol Hall


17 Responses to Home

  1. Morag Brownlow says:

    Love the blog about Croick. Please keep it going.
    Croick is very dear to my family. My father John Bannerman had the fishing rights from 1954 until the late 70’s. He rented it from the Campbells and then Bob Wilson. We all spent our summers in nearby Tain and then Ardgay.
    In 2010 my daughter, son and their family’s spent an idyllic week at the Old Manse at the beginning of June. The house was lovely and just perfect for 4 grown ups, a baby and 4 children. Alistair was always on hand and so friendly, nothing was too much trouble for him. The weather was gorgeous following some weeks of rain. So river was in fine fettle but only on Sunday! Next day it went down so no fish. Although we all love fishing we were not there for the fish as we know that the Blackwater is a spate river and early June is not the best time for fish. The grand children made friends with the hens and one in particular – they named her Cluckalina! Alistair had wondered why the hens had not been laying until the children found a nest in the bulrushes with around 60 eggs!!
    My husband and I have a small holiday home in Ardgay so it was ideal for the young to be out at Croick within easy reach.
    I know they would love to come up again and rent the Old Manse but with my son and his family now abroad their holidays have not yet synchronized with my daughter’s family.
    Morag Brownlow

    • Croick says:


      Thank you very much for your kind words and we look forward to welcoming you and your family back to Croick as soon as possible.

      Thank you also for your encouraging words about the website. It is certainly my intention to keep it going, though I’m aware I have been quiet for a few weeks now.

      James Hall

      • Morag Brownlow (Bannerman) says:

        Our children and grandchildren were able to make a visit to Croick once again and stayed at the Old Manse in July this year 2017. They missed being there in 2014 as a wedding party had been booked.
        As usual this was a most wonderful holiday in your comfortable cottage, so well looked after my the girls that clean between lets.
        I remember it being the home of Donald Clark one of the shepherds when the Estate was a sheep farm.
        Joy of joys our son Patrick managed to catch 5 salmon in the falls pool. As water in the pool was low the fish were having difficulty leaping the falls so grandson Archie aged 9 would rush up to the top of the falls with the fish that had been caught, by his father, and release them. These fish swam away up the river after their ordeal of being hooked but without jumping the falls! His late great grandfather would have been so proud of him. Many a time we have all fished the Blackwater when my father was the fishing tenant for nearly 40 years.
        Television or Wi-Fi or telephones are not required at the Old Manse. The children had too much fun exploring the beautiful surrounding area with it’s rich habitat. Enjoying going back to nature and then having a family dinner altogether in the evenings. Bed time stories and not long in dropping off to sleep.
        Thank you James for looking after Croick so beautifully with the help of Alistair. The land and the habitat are in such good condition. My heart sings whenever I pass the old phone box at the end of the road. As I make my way along the road I stop at one point looking towards the falls and note how low or full the water is. A habit from years of visiting this most beautiful and precious glen.

      • James Hall says:

        Many thanks for your note; we are pleased that you enjoyed yourselves so much. And five salmon for the week is a great achievement. I’m pleased to say that my grandson caught his first salmon in the falls this year, to great excitement; he is only six! I’m glad you approve of the way we are seeking to manage Croick; our own thinking continues to evolve and I hope you will see the results in years to come. Come back and visit us again soon.

  2. Morag Soszka says:

    Hiya ,
    I very often walk up to Croick as i live on Amat estate .. I have e-mail you photos that i have done on. . E-mail may have gone in your spam folder .. I have more if you want them cheers for now Morag

  3. Hi Guys , Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

  4. Ryan Thomson says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am sending out my cv to see if there are any apprenticeship vacancies available on your estate, or if you know of any that I could apply for. I am currently studying at the North Highland College in Thurso and need to attend there 6 weeks a year, I have finished my first year Modern Apprenticeship and I am going into my second year. I have attached a copy of my CV and it would be very much appreciated if you could have a look over it. I would be grateful if you could help me out and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Kind Regards

    Ryan Thomson

  5. Jenny Clarke. 37Cadell Street Wentworth. NSW. Australia says:

    Hello,have just discovered the some of our family lived here in 1871.their father was the minister at Drumnadrochit,he died in 1864 and is buried at that church,wonder why the family then lived at Croick manse? His wife died in 1873,maybe buried at Croick church. Cheers Jenny

  6. Robert Bell says:

    Hello, We visited Croick church yesterday.A fine example of Telfords church design. Wonderful quiet spot at the end of a single track road. Can imagine the place full with the booming voice of the minister preaching from the fine pulpit to the congregation. Well worth a visit beautifully maintained.

  7. Jim Ross says:

    We had the pleasure of driving to Croick church this last week. We had been on a pilgrimage to visit the home of our ancestors. We had traced our family to Kincardine through records but were unable to locate any graves in Kindcarnie village church directly to the names we have. The dates spanning the clearances. I realise now it’s potentially the parish not the village. Do you know local historian that may be able to help?
    James Ross

  8. David Tennant says:

    Very much looking forward to staying at the mission hall for a week in august. Would be interested to know if there are pine martens amongst the other wildlife in the area and if so do they visit the garden. Many thanks, David Tennant.

    • James Hall says:

      Hi, we look forward to welcoming you to Croick. There are certainly pine martins in the area but I haven’t spotted them on the squirrel feeders yet.

  9. Keith and Susan Milne says:

    Hi. We have just finished a week at the beautiful Mission Hall. The standard of accommodation was superb and everything had been thought of. The kitchen and living area was nicely laid out and we thought the internet radio was a nice touch. The bedroom area and the bed were so comfortable and we slept so soundly. The bathroom was also outstanding with a great shower. Overall the Mission Hall is just so cosy. We loved watching the squirrels and had names for all of them. The estate is just a beautiful area to explore and we saw deer, buzzards, the squirrels, a resident pheasant and his ladies, something very white ran across the road in front of us but couldn’t see what it was and so many salmon leaping around the rivers and falls. What an absolutely relaxing week and we definitely be back.

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