Our new pigs ….here’s looking at you!

20170423-untitled shoot-11

I have forgotten to give an update on this year’s pigs who arrived a few weeks ago and have settled well. They are an amiable group this year, and still going through the teenage years. However late I get there to feed them, I can be certain that they will still be in bed, ¬†and will only stir reluctantly at the prospect of breakfast.


20170423-untitled shoot-9

20170423-untitled shoot-12

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The Croick Spring



20170425-untitled shoot-14

This wasn’t supposed to happen at the end of April! So much for Spring has sprung; winter has returned.

20170425-untitled shoot-16

20170425-untitled shoot-17

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Midnight in the Lambing Shed


Well, not quite midnight … but late enough.

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If you are a bull called Jura, it is a little boring being confined all winter, and deprived of female company. So the opportunity to play with a bale of straw is welcome, and a reminder of the strength of a bull.

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Young farmers


Even the hardest working farmers need to rest occasionally!

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The cycle starts again!


It’s April and the cycle of life starts again with calving and lambing. These are some of our first calves. They have had a tough start in life with endless cold, wet and windy days. And while I managed to catch them in the sunshine this morning, it was sleeting 30 minutes later.

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January Morning


Today started with a beautiful January morning, heavy frost, overnight mist starting to lift and the sun emerging through the mist. It is only six weeks until the first calf and the cows are looking in good condition, still racing through silage as if every meal might be there last.



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